3rd Place Practitioner Role - Welcome to the Team Bruce Stuart! - Warwick Stadium

Churches of Christ Sport & Recreation Association are proud to introduce Bruce Stuart as the newest member of the Warwick Stadium team. Bruce Stuart becomes the 3rd Place Practitioner a role designed to foster quality community experiences for every person of any age within sports, activities and events offered by Churches of Christ Sport & Recreation Association. Bruce brings a wealth of pastoral & senior ministerial experience having been involved in sport for many years & specifically at the stadium for over 10 years. Bruce has recently attained Level 2 chaplaincy training with Sports Chaplaincy Australia and is currently working on a Masters’ degree at Harvest Bible College. Over the last year, Bruce has been the chaplain for the Senators state league men’s team & has coordinated the hospitality area on game nights for 3 years.

Churches of Christ Sport and Recreation is committed to ensuring that 3rd Place community is embedded into the operations of Warwick Stadium. The 3rd Place Practitioner role has been endorsed and supported in partnership with the broader network of Churches of Christ in WA. Together, we are excited to see people welcomed, and benefit from, engagement with the stadium community through Bruce and our fantastic Stadium Team.

You will no doubt be seeing Bruce involved in the life of the stadium so please ensure you stop and say hello!

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