So what is 3rd Place?


To understand 3rd Place we need to define our first and second places. Our “first place” is the home and those that we live. The “second place” is the workplace, where people may spend most of their time. Third places, then, are “anchors” of community life and facilitate and foster broader, more creative interaction. (Ray O Oldenburg)
To appreciate our 3rd Place at Warwick Stadium more clearly, we have defined its characteristics below;


3rd Place is WELCOMING


Everyone is welcome – No one is obligated to be here, people are not tied down to this place financially, politically, legally, because of personal belief or otherwise and are free to come and go as they please. We are open and readily available to all, and our goal is for all to feel their needs fulfilled.




Everyone is valued – We place no importance on an individual’s status in society; it matters not someone’s economic, religious or social status, everyone is equal here. All have fun times, has a playful nature, where playfulness and frivolous banter are not only familiar but highly valued.


3rd place is a CONVERSANT


Everyone has a voice – Playful and lively conversation is a primary activity, and the tone of the conversation is usually light-hearted and humorous; wit and good-natured playfulness are highly valued and therefore a place of dialogue for all manner of ideas and subjects.


3rd Place is for ALL


Diversity is encouraged – individuals and group regulars help give the space its tone, set the mood and the characteristics of the area and this is why newcomers feel welcomed and included. This place is characteristically wholesome, it is without extravagance, snobbery or grandiosity and has a homely feel


3rd Place is SAFE


Everyone feels cared for – People feel a piece of themselves is rooted in the place, and gain physical, spiritual and emotional regeneration by spending time here. People feel cared for, and no one will intentionally put in a compromising position; mentally, spiritually, physically or emotionally.


So, with all that in mind, please make the most of our excellent facilities and the people that are here for the benefit of all, in our 3rd Place, Warwick Stadium.


We invite you to watch this video of Sonia Jones one of our long term partners, who understands what 3rd place is at Warwick Stadium.