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Dear Warwick Stadium Patrons,

We trust that you have had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year with family and friends.

Summer is a great time of year, however it also means being hot in our court areas, particularly the new court 3 and 4.

We have some plans to address the heat issue and the first steps have been possible primarily due to a great Senators Basketball fundraising committee last year, who raised over $30,000.00 to go towards heat mitigation on the courts, particularly the new courts.

Following advice and consultation, we have already been busy on a few fronts:

North facing wall insulation
The new signage that has appeared on the Northern walls of the Stadium are, in fact, insulated panels that come at a cost of $29,000.00. They have significantly reduced the heat transmitted through the concrete walls. Concrete just passes heat straight through…. So after taking advice, this was the first step.

Evaporative Air Conditioning Courts 3 & 4
We are currently finalising plans to relocate a large evaporative cooler together with brand new ducting, supporting structure and associated works at a cost of around $6,500.00. Generating some cool air-movement in this space is vital for the comfort of players and spectators alike.

West facing tree-planting
A longer term solution to the western wall off court 2, several trees selected specifically to screen the concrete in the summer months have been planted for effect in the next year or so.

As we evaluate and determine the effectiveness of the evaporative air conditioning in assisting with the cooling, then as we are able, we will look to shuffle more evaporative air conditioners and have multiple cooling units pushing air into both of the new court areas.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

Kind regards,

Warwick Stadium Management Team

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